The Tyranny of the Federal Judiciary

A federal judge dies and goes to heaven and meets St. Peter at the pearly gates.  St. Peter says, “Wait here.  God is busy.  He’ll be with you in a moment.”  Indignant, the judge says, “Who does He think He is?  A federal judge!?”

The robes tend to make a person feel omnipotent.  Federal judges don’t stand for election or re-election.  They are appointed for life.  They can be impeached by Congress or sent to jail for crimes they commit.  They get a very generous retirement plan.

What has me furious today is the absolute violation of the US Constitution and the tremendous amount of disrespect to the citizens of Kentucky and the rest of the USA by federal judge John G. Heyburn II.  “Johnny” was appointed by Pres. George H. W. Bush (“41″).  Thanks, George.

What did judge Johnny do?  He ruled the Kentucky has to “recognize” homosexual marriages (sic) from other states even though Kentucky is one of the majority of states that does not permit people of the same gender from marrying in Kentucky.  According to Johnny’s logic, if Alabama allowed 14-year-olds to marry 40-year-olds then Kentucky would have to recognize their marriage as well and not enforce their law against statutory rape.  Of course, no judge in his right mind would do such a thing.  “Right mind” is the operative phrase here.

Johnny is an activist judge who likes to make law from the bench.  His law.

Johnny shows utter contempt for the citizens of Kentucky and their legislature who enacted their laws.  Johnny pulls out the  “unconstitutional” 5-iron out of his bag and whacks the people of Kentucky down the fairway as hard as he can.

It’s time for Johnny to go.  Go, Johnny, Go.

Freedom of Speech in America

Does freedom of speech exist in America?

It used to be that short of yelling fire in a movie theater (or similar instances of speech) we had the freedom of speech in America.  We don’t enjoy that freedom now.

One cannot express an opinion about abortion, homosexuality or religion without the fear of losing one’s job or other important aspect of one’s life.  Employers will find excuses for firing you that appear to respect your Constitutional right to free speech.    Someone with some power over you will do you, your family or both,  harm.

Michael Sam is a homosexual college football player that decided to “come out”.  He felt he needed to make a point to the football world that he was homosexual even while telling us it had nothing to do with football and it was personal.  Then why not keep it to yourself.  When was the last time a football player “came out” as heterosexual or adulterous or …. anything else.

Now, professional footballs teams are doing their best not to say anything negative about Michael Sam since the NFL draft is just a few months away.  The SEC defensive player of the year, Michael Sam, has reportedly slipped quite a bit in mock drafts.  Is it because NFL teams don’t want a homosexual on their team and in their locker room and showers?  Or that they don’t want an activist on their team?  Regardless, Michael Sam’s “free speech” apparently is hurting his career and his potential employers don’t want to exercise their free speech for fear of the media and the courts.

A pro-life person on the public sidewalk outside an abortion center tries to speak to a woman entering the facility.   The pro-life person is exercising the First Amendment right to free speech.  The abortion center has already found a federal judge, state judge or municipal judge who has barred free speech within 50-100 feet of the facility.  Express your opinion and you could face jail time or a RICO lawsuit, Racketeering, Influenced and Corrupt Organizations.  The pro-abortion judge may decide you are trying to damage the business of abortion by your speech.  Jail.  Fine.  Judgment.

A 2nd-grader decides to pray in school.  He is sent home.  We can’t have disruptive, unconstitutional prayer in school or so we are told.

Do I worry that someone will try to harm me or my family for writing this on my website?  I do.  Free speech may be dead in America.

Propane Politics

Apparently, there is a propane shortage here in the upper midwest.  This is causing price increases.  Articles have been written that the shortage is manufactured since there is plenty of propane further south of where it is needed.

In a free country with free markets, a shortage represents an opportunity for an entrepreneur to buy and move propane from one market to the market where it is needed.

So why are consumers demanding our government do something about the propane shortage?!  In the linked article, 29 US Senators are calling on President Obama to do something!

I don’t want any government official to do anything about a commodity shortage!  Do not empower the government to control the availability of propane or … the government will have more power and will control more of your life.

If you don’t like the price of Cheerios or bread, don’t complain to the government.  East something else that doesn’t cost as much.  Or start a company that provides cereal or bread at a cheaper price.

Socialism is the end result of government controlling your life.  Socialism is the loss of personal freedoms and liberties.  Socialism is the government TELLING you how much propane, Cheerios and bread you get.

Government is the solution to an organized military to protect our country.  Government is the solution to the creation of a national interstate system for vehicular traffic.  Government is not the solution to education, welfare, consumer prices, etc.

Give FREEDOM a chance.  It comes with a price but it is cheaper and more enjoyable than socialism.

Good Youth Sports

My kids are playing in the Upward Sports winter basketball program for the first time.  In the past, they have been in the YMCA league and one has been on a travel team.

The Upward league presents some new benefits for us including prayer, halftime devotionals, parent coaching and convenience.  I’m not sure why the YMCA doesn’t have prayer or devotionals.  It is the Young Men’s Christian Association after all.  The Upward league is run out of Calvary United Methodist facilities on 45th Street South in Fargo.  I imagine their program will grow since they do a nice job on so many fronts.

The peculiar thing about youth sports is that most families are pretty good eggs about the whole competitive facet of the program.  The trouble is, it only takes a small minority to make everyone’s life miserable.

Some scheme to get rid of coaches that cross them.  Some scheme to get inferior players moved down or their child moved up.  Some scheme to get certain families ostracized so that their network of friends can spend the season together; usually on the road with competitive sports.  Character is revealed in youth sports and it is usually the parents’ characters.

Of course, most of these people don’t know their child’s teachers’ names.  And most of the kids with pushy parents will not make it past a high school varsity roster, if that.  And if they don’t get on a college roster?  Well, the list of scapegoats other than their child or themselves is long.

Is Obama a Man of Honor – Part 2

Obama said there was not a smidgeon of truth about corruption or scandal at the IRS.  This he said a few days ago.   He must have missed telling his new head of the IRS, John Koskinen.

New IRS chief apologizes to targeted conservative groups after House hearing is the title of the story on February 5.

Imagine if President George Bush had tried to get away with telling a whopper like that told by BHO.

The next day reported on BHO’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.  Apparently, BHO said that freedom of religion across the world is important to national security and is a central tenet of U.S. diplomacy.  No mention was made of any religious liberty violations in his Affordable Care Act.  Apparently, it is too embarrassing for the president to talk about mandating contraception and abortion coverage in health coverage.


We are in a pot of water with the temperature slowly rising.  Some of us frogs know we are going to boil and perish.  Other frogs think it is a hot tub.

Everywhere around us there are stories of our freedoms being eroded by big-government people.  Some mean well while some are purposely evil.

Gun control is about limiting freedom and controlling the populace.  The EPA is about limiting freedom and not about protecting the environment.  Obamacare is all about limiting freedom and controlling the populace.

Take Obamacare.  The idiots who pushed it on us by and large hate it now.  Their costs are going up and their choices (freedom) are being limited.  I don’t mean 5-10% up but 50-100-300%!  I don’t have the freedom to choose a minimal health savings account (HSA) anymore.

Obamacare is like mandatory car ownership.   Those who didn’t want or need a car now have to buy one.  And you can’t opt for that frugal little 50 mpg model.  No, you have to buy a SUV.  Dang if it doesn’t sound like a right-wing Republican plan in some sense.  I mean only rich people can afford Obamacare.  Don’t they all drive SUVs anyway!?  Somehow the poor or uninsured now feel like they are getting healthcare equality.


Obamacare can be thrown out.  Freedom is worth the fight.  If not now, it only gets more expensive the longer we wait.

Mary of Nazareth

I recommend a 2-part movie on NetFlix entitled “Maria Di Nazaret“.  Each part is a little over 100 minutes and worth every minute.  I am Catholic.  It’s the story of the world’s only perfect woman.  At the conclusion, it is dedicated to all mothers, everywhere, over all time.

The movie was made in 2011 and there is a theatrical version which is shortened and distributed by Ignatius Press.

I like inspirational movies.  Mary, Joseph, Christ, St. Anne, St. Joachim are all inspiring.  The story of immaculate conception, divine birth, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension is nearly always told from the perspective of Christ.  This movie is Mary’s perspective.

The movie touches on an ongoing relationship with Mary Magdalene, the first meeting with Joseph, her shunning by Joseph, their marriage, their journeys and culmination in the ascension.  Along the way we see the difficulties they experienced with Mary visibly pregnant before their marriage, Christmas as I’ve never seen it told, the flight to Egypt and a mother’s brokenness as her son suffers and dies.

All along, we see a woman whose faith is unshaken.  We see a woman who embodies, ‘thy will be done’.   For men, women and children alike, we see a model of humility, service and love as all should be.

Is Obama a man of honor?

President Obama made headlines late Sunday by stating that the IRS targeting of conservative non-profit organizations (their IRS applications for status) had “not even a smidgen of corruption.”  If you believe him then you have room in your skull for a fully inflated basketball.

Obama’s followers, the “takers” will be satisfied by his statement and explanation.

The rest of thinking America, the “makers”, will be mystified that such a lie could be believed after all the evidence to the contrary.

If a van full of nuns all testify as to the facts of a crime they just witnessed but Obama tells us every nun is lying, who would you believe.  And so it goes.

ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, Headline News will report either nothing or that Obama dismissed some right-wing fanatics charge of corruption regarding the IRS.  They will move on to an unticketed jay-walking incident involving a Republican town councilman.  If only George Bush hadn’t created such a mess, Obama could have changed things around by now.

Man of honor?  Obama?

Where are all the good Democrats?

A.  There is no such thing as a good Democrat.

B.  Voting Republican.

C.  In the 1950s.

D.  What’s the punchline?

E.  All of the above.

I listened to a radio host interview 2 North Dakota Democrat legislators on Saturday, February 1.  Their big issue, which they claim will be the central issue in the 2014 November election, is the separation of the North Dakota Industrial Commission in to 2 separate agencies since the current commission both promotes North Dakota energy and regulates it.  They were trying to convince me and other listeners that the public will revolt against Republicans for not acting quickly on this issue and that Democrats will make big inroads in to the North Dakota legislature.  Yawn.

They also stated the current legislature did not get an “A” on their report card; another big reason the electorate is poised to turn on Republicans and correct the heavy imbalance towards Republicans in the legislature.  It made me think it was the first time I heard of a Democrat care about any sort of grades in school.  After all, aren’t Democrats concerned much more about making sure teachers make more money than CEOs, making sure students don’t pray in school and making sure our schools are teaching vile sorts of sex education to the youngest students possible.

These two Democrats sounded reasonable on the Industrial Commission issue.  So what.  It’s the rest of their agenda that is the concern.  After all, this is the party that brought us Obamacare, multi-trillion deficits in one Obama term, Benghazi, record unemployment and the never-ending ‘It’s George Bush’s fault.’  Thankfully, in North Dakota, Democrats have very little to say about anything.